Construction Accident Claims

Of all the many different environments in which to work, construction sites have to be one of the most hazardous.  There are a large number of risks that make an accident of one form or another not only possible, but probable.  Construction accidents can be caused by a myriad of dangers, from heavy machinery, dangerous equipment, hazardous materials, working at height and falling debris.  Due to the high degree of risk associated with them, all of these need appropriate safety measures and training to ensure the safety of anyone who works amongst them.

As a result of these hazards, it is the duty of all employers to ensure that all machinery is safe to use and that all employees are given the appropriate safety equipment with which to work.  Failure on the part of any employer to provide these safeguards could mean they are in breach of health and safety legislation, putting you in danger and themselves at risk of a construction accident claim.

It is the role of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to enforce all safety legislation and ensure that all risks are effectively managed. The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 were also put in place to specifically protect those working in the construction industry and should be followed in order to avoid construction accident claims.  On top of these, a compensation claim can also be influenced by Workers’ Compensation, which is insurance that provides appropriate medical care for employees.

As one of the country’s leading injury claims specialists, Claim 500 will ensure that everything is taken into consideration to ensure you have the best chance of successfully claiming against a negligent employer.

Whilst most accidents occur due to the hazards mentioned above, it must be pointed out that it is vital employees don’t suffer injury through a lack of concentration.  Many employees don’t realise how often an accident occurs due to this very reason, so it is therefore imperative that all employees take regular breaks as stated by law.  Simply staying alert can be the difference between being involved in an accident and staying injury free.

Despite the many obvious dangers that come with working on a construction site, there are many potential risks that may not come to light until later in life; such as asbestosis, which can cause cancer and therefore could be fatal.  This is another reason why all employees should be given the correct safety equipment and also that safe working practices are an absolute must.  Due to the nature of construction site accidents, a significant loss of wages can be incurred by the injured party, for which you should be adequately compensated.

If you have suffered a construction site accident as a result of a negligent employer, you must first ensure that the correct evidence is gathered that supports your claim – this includes witness testimonies and a correct medical diagnosis.  Once you have done this, seek out Claim 500 for some independent specialist advice about making a construction compensation claim.  Call us on 08458 123 456 or fill in our online form now.

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