Spinal Cord Injury Claims

We can help you to claim compensation if someone else’s negligence or mistake caused you to experience spinal cord injury.

Spinal cord injury (SCI) can cause a wide range of problems, not just for your body but your family, job and lifestyle too. They can lead to partial or complete paralysis, for example, which might mean round-the-clock care, rehabilitation and specialist equipment for your home.

Types Of Spinal Injury

  • Complete, where the spinal cord is sufficiently damaged across the whole of its width that there is no function, in sensation or muscle control, below injury.
  • Incomplete, where there is some sensation and/or movement control below the injury, which has not affected the entire spinal cord.

The most common SCIs are a broken back or broken neck. They are a form of serious injury because they can be disabling, and have a number of causes:

In the majority of cases there are very good reasons to claim personal injury compensation. The money from the compensation can help you or your loved one a chance to build your life back and pay for the expert care and medicine you may need, and may include interim payments while your claim is processed.

Spinal Injury Claim

While you or your loved one focus on getting better, we manage your personal injury claim from start to finish. We act as an essential link between you, the medical insurers, the hospital and the courts in a non-intrusive way to drive your application forward.

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