Personal Injury Compensation

Claim 500 is a reputable claims company, comprising dedicated claims handlers and a panel of experienced solicitors. We have helped thousands of people make successful compensation claims because of accidents that have affected their lives, either temporarily or permanently.

Known as conditional fee arrangements (CFAs), became part of the legal framework in England and Wales with the passing of the 1999 Access to Justice Act.

Previously claimants may have been asked by solicitors to make an upfront fee to set against the risk of losing the claim so they did not end up out of pocket.

By changing the way that fees are handled the 1999 Act made it possible for everyone to claim compensation if they were entitled to it rather than making it the privilege of those who could afford a court case.

This means that if you can’t work because of your injury, benefits are not covering your expenses and you are feeling the financial pinch you can apply for compensation.

This means you can be certain that the advice we give you about your claim before you proceed is practical, honest and trustworthy. We won’t waste our time or yours pursuing tenuous claims for compensation.

Funding Your Compensation Claim

At Claim 500 we offer various ways of funding your claim..

You will not pay any upfront costs.

If your claim is successful and you receive compensation, you will pay a contribution to your solicitor’s fees. This is usually a percentage of your compensation. Or you will pay a fixed fee to Claim 500.  We will agree this with you before we start work on your case. Call us TODAY on 0113 222 4091 for further information.

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