Military Injury Claims

If you have sustained an accidental injury while serving in the armed forces you may be eligible to apply for accident at work compensation from the Ministry of Defence through Claim 500.

We have a long history in helping former and currently serving military personnel claim for injuries at work that were not their fault.

Types of workplace claims relevant to military accidents include:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Other vehicular accidents, including helicopter and tank
  • Diseases or illnesses contracted via military work
  • Workplace accidents occurring because of a lack of training
  • Injuries due to faulty kit

If you have had a military accident, and would like to know if you can make a claim through Claim 500, give us a call or fill our our online form for a call back.

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Claim 500 offers professional help making a military accident claim for compensation and it’s a service available to you now.

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